Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is all about the men, but it sure does make me feel like one special girl. I have two wonderful men in my life who exemplify what it means to be a good dad.

=\ (my dad and mom with the kids)

First, my own dad. I can honestly say I had one of the best childhoods of anyone I know, and it’s all because of the time and love given to me by my parents. When I was a little girl, my dad and I spent every Saturday together. We had a routine that started with breakfast out at this great little old-timey drugstore that had a breakfast and lunch counter. I always had the same thing: a one-egg sandwich (white bread, of course), not toasted, with mayo, and the crust cut off. And an orangeade to wash it down.

Breakfast would be followed by various activities, depending on the time of year. In the summer, it was the pool. And I don’t mean a couple of hours at the pool. It was all day at the pool. In cooler months, he occassionally took me ice skating, or to the toy store, or maybe to the mall. Either way, he spent the better part of his Saturdays with me, and I cherish those memories.

Even as I got older, and had a social life that kept me busy on the weekends, we stayed close. In college, he called me at least 5 times a week. It was kind of a running joke with my roommates, but really, I loved it.

And now, as an adult, we remain close. We still talk several times a week, and I know he’s there for me when I need him. He’s generous, loving, kind, and caring. What else could a girl ask for?

Obviously, having been raised by the Best Dad Ever, my own husband has big shoes to fill in his own parenting. He doesn’t disappoint. Watching him with Ava and Davis is one of the best things to me. He has more patience than I could ever dream of having. He has this calm manner that I really envy. He has spent countless hours playing dollhouse with Ava, and that alone should put him in the Parenting Hall of Fame.

He works long hours, which I often gripe about, but he’s never too tired to spend time with the kids when he comes home after an 11 hour day at the office. I guess coming home to delighted squeals of, “Daddddeeeee!” can make you forget the stress of work for a few minutes. He loves them, and they love him. Who really needs anything more?


(Morgan and Ava, after her dance gala. Hence the costume and makeup.)

So, thanks to my husband, one of the two greatest dads I know. And, thanks to my own dad, the other greatest dad I know. You guys are the best, and we probably don’t thank you enough.

Happy Father’s Day.



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  1. Such a sweet post. Those are some great memories. I miss my dad.