Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Beach trip #1

I’m at the beach. I’ve been here since Monday, and it’s been hot hot hot, but still. It’s the beach. So, no complaints. I drove down here with the kids in record time. A trip that often takes 4 hours took only 3 hours, 20 minutes. I’m still not sure how that happened. Maybe it was because I put my almost 6-year-old in a diaper and told her to deal with it because we weren’t stopping.


It was a pull-up, not a diaper.

Kidding again. I promise.

Things were going well until Wednesday evening, when this happened:

If you think that’s bad, you should see the coffee table he ran into.

I thought we would need stitches under that band-aid, but as it turns out, I waited too long to seek medical attention, which eliminated the need for stitches. It’s fine, though. It’s looking much better now. All that purple is turning a lovely shade of yellow-green.

So, the morning after the fight, I took Davis to a local urgent care. My mom went with us. As we were walking in, I told her that I envisioned a beach urgent care doctor to be a bit of a hippie, who goes home and smokes weed after treating patients all day.

I wasn’t completely wrong.

The doctor turned out to be maybe late-30s/early 40s. He wasn’t a hippie, but was trying to project some kind of rock-star vibe. When he  found out we were from Raleigh, he said, “I’m gonna be up that way in a few weeks for the Def Leppard concert.”

Dude, you just admitted that you’re driving 220 miles to see Def Leppard? I’m not sure I trust your judgment in treating my child.

I was especially relieved when he said Davis didn’t need stitches. I wasn’t entirely confident we were being treated in a sterile environment. The office reminded me of something from MASH. In fact, I was thinking, “My mom can needlepoint pretty well. Wonder how she’d do with Davis’ face?”

The rest of the week was uneventful, save for a couple of extreme meltdowns from Ava. (Note to self:  don’t let her stay up til 10pm at the beach. Every night. It catches up. And it’s ugly).

We did manage a few good beach pics.


Tomorrow is Ava’s dance gala,which is sure to be entertaining, in a Toddlers in Tiaras sort of way. I promise to give you a good report.


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  1. Oh my, poor Davis. That is terrible. What beach?