Friday, December 16, 2011

Crunch time it really December 16? That means only nine days 'til Christmas, right? Yikes. Guess it's time to wrap it all up. Literally. I have not wrapped a single gift. I started out this week feeling kind of on top of things, but my to-do list is not getting checked off nearly as quickly as it needs to be. I've still got several presents to buy, a house to clean, and some cooking to do.

In the meantime, here's what the kids are getting this year. We'll start with Ava:

1) Pink DSi
And several games. They're all girlie and/or word games. In fact, I have to go to Walmart in a few minutes to pick up the games that I had shipped there. Right now, I'm wishing I had just coughed up the cash for shipping because going into Walmart is the LAST thing I want to do. I mean, I never want to go there, and I especially don't want to go 9 days before Christmas. Eww.

2) Kanani (yes, another American Girl doll)
Actually, my sister and her husband get the credit for this one. Santa was really grateful for that little financial break. And my sister will secure her title of Best Aunt Ever. (Frankly, I can't wait to get my hands on that doll's hair. With all that length, the possibilities are endless).

Of course, I got a few things for Kanani. Like a ukulele. And a beach outfit. 

3) A karaoke machine that you plug your iPod into. I won't lie. I'm pretty psyched about this one, too. Family song night? Yes, please. We'll be like the Partridge Family for the new millennium.

iPod Dock with Karaoke Player - Black -  Singing Machine - Toys"R"Us

There are a bunch of other little things. Such as a new Barbie. And Ken. Sadly, Ken now dresses like Justin Beiber. She's also getting a talking Jessie doll, a few new movies,some books, etc. And my parents got her pink Uggs.  Lucky girl.

Okay, on to Davis. 

His big Santa gift is a tool bench:

Black & Decker Jr Kids Power Workshop Workbench + Tools, 50+ Accessories and Toolbox.Opens in a new window
And no, he will not be wearing cargo jeans or work boots a la the kid in the picture. 

He's also getting a bunch of stuff from Toy Story, some trucks.....I don't even know what all else. Some sort of Spider Man mini ball pit?  A Leapster laptop, some Little People stuff.  Good times. I thought I was all done, but I haven't gotten the only two things he  actually keeps saying he wants, which are an umbrella (wtf?) and a Slinky Dog. Alrighty then. 

It's kind of hard right now because Ava didn't ask for a lot, but what she did ask for was all pretty nice and higher dollar. Davis, on the other hand, is still at the age where toys are pretty cheap. So, he's getting quantity, but Ava is getting quality. I hope she understands that.  

I'm pretty excited for them to get all their new things. I know that's not really what Christmas is about, but I do love little kids on Christmas morning. I'm a sucker for a little Santa magic.

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  1. What nice gifts. I was thinking the same thing about our son's pile looks little, but it's electronics. I know he is going to say that his sister is getting more than him.

    Merry Christmas!!