Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Nomads

Greetings from the worst blogger ever. I'm so sorry for my week long sabbatical, but it has been crazy here. I'm keeping this post short because my sweet husband is waiting on me to catch up on some TV, but I did have to give a quick update.

In the last week, my house has been turned upside down. Since last Thursday morning, I have had no furniture in my den. None. It's all piled into my dining room, which actually functions as a playroom, as well as my office. We had hardwood floors put down in our den and hallway. When you live in a ranch, the den and hallway are like, the whole house. This is what my den looked like last Friday:

Yikes. Subflooring is really ugly. And I cringe when I think about all the dirt that was living in the carpet that we ripped out.

By Friday afternoon, it looked like this:

Getting better. 

Now, it's all done, and I love it. Like, seriously love it. I'll unveil it once the furniture is back in. We did a dark walnut stain, and I'm super happy with it. Now I'm shopping for a rug. 

While the work has been doing on, we've been nomads. We spent part of the weekend with my parents, and then Monday night in a hotel. I've spent the last 3 afternoons out of the house, trying to find ways to entertain my 2 year old, who really needed to be napping. I've managed to keep my own stress under control, which is shocking. I'll just be glad when Friday comes and all of my furniture gets to move back where it belongs. Until then, the den is empty. Luckily, the floors are dry, and we can sleep here.

Oh, and the worst part? When the workmen moved our TV and disconnected the cable box, it affected all of the TVs in the house. And the internet. As in, we had no cable or internet. All of our cable boxes and modem run off a central line, and if it's unplugged, then the whole house goes dark, technologically speaking. It was like living in the freaking dark ages. I can kind of do without TV, but not internet. Thank God for my iPhone and 3G. Otherwise, I would have lost contact with all society.

Now I can start decorating for Christmas. Then, after the holidays, the real fun begins - the kitchen renovation.

You know I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh, what a week. It is going to look beautiful though. You're lucky. I have no iphone or smartphone so when my internet goes down, I'm truly a nutcase. Can't wait to see the finished product.