Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The New Nap

We've reached that stage where Davis doesn't really think he needs a nap anymore. Of course without a nap, he really can't make it until bedtime without completely falling apart. Plus, if I'm driving carpool, he inevitibly falls asleep in the car if he hasn't napped. I'm trying to be flexible and avoid the naptime battle, though. So, the latest request is to watch tv either on the sofa or in my bed, whereupon he almost always falls asleep. It looks like this:

I'll admit to you that upon hearing his request, I typically say, "Yes! Of course you can watch on the sofa!  Would you like your paci and all your loveys? Okay, great. Let me just cover you up and get you nice and cozy. And here's some Benadryl ." Kidding about that last part. Clearly, I am encouraging this new habit, and that's fine. As long as there is rest, there is peace for me, and that's the real goal.

Speaking of rest, the week before Christmas is certainly not the time for that, is it? I swear, I must work best under pressure because I ALWAYS leave stuff until the last week. Today we ended up at Target for an hour, and I got all the kids' stocking stuffers, plus more ribbon, a Kidz Bop Christmas CD (clearly, I have lost my mind). I'm trying hard to get it all done and not think about the fact that two weeks from today, my kitchen will be demo'ed. Stressful and exciting, all at the same time.

Maybe I need a nap on the sofa, too.

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  1. I will die when Baby Diva tries to give up a nap.

    Merry Christmas!