Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When Red Bull is Needed

It's been a productive day, and frankly, I'm exhausted. Started the day at 5:30am with a (dreaded) 6-mile run. I took a quick shower only to put on different workout clothes so I could go to the body sculpting class I love. Well, I don't love it while I'm there, but it's one of those classes I just know is pretty effective. I know this because I can't always complete the exercises. Naturally, since I had already run,the instructor started out with about a million squats. My legs were dying. Still are, actually.

Davis and I had lunch with Ava at her school, so that was  fun. Davis was only mildly unruly, which was a big bonus. We came home and he took his sofa nap, during which time I did laundry and mopped. Yesterday I cleaned bathrooms. I figure I'm starting on Christmas cleaning early enough for it all to be in ruins again come Christmas Eve. Seriously, though, I just can't leave it all for the last day. I want to be able to enjoy Christmas Eve. Besides, we go to church at 4pm, and since the once-a-year churchgoers always show up, we have to get there early to get a seat.

My mother-in-law joins us on for that service, and then she eats dinner with us. Last year I made Ina Garten's turkey lasagna, which contains goat cheese, and it's so good. I'm not sure if I'm making that again this year or not. I'm sure I'll use some Ina recipe. I've never made anything from any of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks that I didn't like.

My parents come on Christmas Day, and I'm so excited to see them this year. My mom and I make Christmas drunch (that's dinner and lunch) together. Okay, that's not really true. I make one side and the dessert. She does the rest. There will likely be bloody marys, or wine, at the very least. And snacks. Like cheese straws.

Anyway, the rest of this week includes more laundry, ironing, wrapping almost all the presents (minus the Santa stuff), one more trip to the mall, grocery shopping, baking, and a few returns at Target and Toys R Us. I think I can get it all done. As long as I don't sleep.

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  1. What time is Ava's lunch at school?

    I'll have to try that lasagna sometime. You are making me feel lazy. I'm not working out like I should.