Thursday, June 14, 2012

Potty Talk

It seems that Davis has developed a case of Tourette's recently. At random, the word "poopie" just comes flying from his mouth. It can be random, in a sing-songy way, or directed at someone, as in, "you are a poopie head."

I have tried in vain to ignore this lovely 3 year old behavior. I kept thinking if I just ignored it long enough, it would go away. It seemed like an attention-getting ploy. And it is. Ava, who has never been all that into bathroom talk herself, finds her brother hysterical when the potty talk starts, and laughs uncontrollably at his antics. Of course, that only serves to delight Davis, so the words keep coming.

Yesterday, we were in the bathroom at the pool, and he started singing, "Poopie, poopie, bathroom talk! Bathroom talk!" Clearly, he knows what he is doing. In fact, at one point yesterday, he started to call me a poopie head, but stopped himself mid-sentence. I guess I have to consider this progress. But it's pretty embarrassing when your kid is saying these words around total strangers.

It's hopeless. I decided yesterday that ignoring this wasn't going to help anything. I surveyed a few friends who also have young boys, and it sounds like this is just what they do. I'm not really okay with that, though. So, I'm trying to come up with an appropriate consequence for using potty words. Maybe drinking a glass of water from the toilet? Too extreme? Probably.

If you have ideas that have worked, please share. It's driving me batty to hear this kind of talk 12+ hours a day.


  1. We are dealing with this, too. But, it's the oldest one. It must be boys.

  2. I have a three year old daughter. When she says things like that I correct her and say: That is naughty and bad manners. Don't say that. (of course I have to keep a straight face). When she pushes me or acts like a teenager about it I give her consequences, like: I turn the tv off, I take away whatever toy/snack she is playing with eating. I give her chances (like 2-3). If she pushes me and has just decided today is the day she is going to drive me nuts I put her in her room. She will scream and cry as if I'm murdering her but oh well. I let her throw her fit in her room and when she has calmed down I go in. Lately her tantrums have been so intense she will vomit. I'm pregnant with #2. I clean her up and give her more time to calm down. She will learn to mind her DAM manners and know I mean business or else. Does this take over my entire days sometimes? Yes...but she always apologizes for being naughty and as she gets older she knows I mean business and doesn't test me as much. It's always two steps forward one step backwards. Good luck. I agree with you to not tolerate that behavior. It's rude, disgusting and only gets worst as the kids get older--if not corrected. Side note: I have rigged her door knob so that the lock is on the outside hallway section. I do lock her in her room for her own safety/sanity and mine when it's "quiet time" or "cool down" time. I can't stand there fat and pregnant holding that door for 10 minutes at a time. She is strong as an ox.