Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer is here

Summer is in full-swing around here. So far, I've managed to get Davis in camp for 4 days, get both kids to my parents for a full weekend, and attend our first swim meet. I'd say that getting the kids out of the house for a weekend was the highlight so far, so let's talk about that.

My parents picked the kids up around 2pm on Friday, which was beyond nice. I went to the mall to get a dress hemmed, and somehow this sneaky dress found its way into my hands and my closet:

large image view

Friday night, Morgan and I went to dinner and then to the Darius Rucker/Lady Antebellum concert. I'm not a huge country fan, but the tickets were free, and it was kind of a work thing for Morgan, so we went. It was really fun, and the people watching was excellent. The redneck couple across the aisle got engaged mid-show, so that was kind of cute. Also, I'd like to mention that Darius, a.k.a Hootie, is getting a bit of age on him. Made me feel a little old when I thought about how long I've been listening to him.

Saturday was a day of monetary hemorrhaging. We went mattress shopping, and went ahead and splurged on a nice new Stearns and Foster king bed. I am a little in love with it, if you must know the truth. Like, I sort of just want to lie on my bed all the time. It's really special that way. We also had to buy some new tires for my car, so you will probably hear of no more shopping from me until Christmas, except for the Ramen Noodles my family will be eating for the next six months....

The kids had a great time while they were away. The best part of the weekend for them was going to see my aunt and her horse at the barn where the horse boards. Ava ended up getting to ride a pony. Davis was a little nervous and declined the opportunity to ride.

 Davis was okay with leading, just not riding.

Ava, my aunt, and her horse, Lexi

Naturally, Ava is now asking to take horseback riding lessons. I see that as my path to financial destruction. She does look pretty good in that riding hat, though. 

So, we've survived a week of summer, aided by the 48 hour parenting break I got. I think we're busy enough the rest of the summer that time will fly and August will arrive with all of us wondering where the time went. In the meantime, the goal is to wear both kids out every day and keep the wine supply plentiful at the house.

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  1. I can't believe that you have had a parental break after only a day of school being out. Jealous.

    Laughing at path of financial destruction. We have a riding stable near us, and I thought it would be convenient to put Jack in there for a week. It is almost $400 for half a day. Needless to say, I just moved on. It wasn't worth it for me to spend that money to just occupy him.

    Like the new dress.