Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beach Blogger = Lazy Blogger

Hello strangers. That's what it seems we are these days, doesn't it? I somehow thought I might manage to blog daily with school being out, but well, the best laid plans.....blah blah blah.

I'd like to say I have a valid excuse. Last week I did, and it was called Vacation Church School. My friend Jill and I were the directors of it this year, which was surprisingly fun, but lots of work, and maybe a teensy bit of stress. Luckily for us, we had some great teachers, coordinators, and the best church staff  person you could ask for, so I think it went smoothly. It also involved a fair amount of Jill and me up on "stage" (which I think is more properly called the chancel - really not positive about that, though) generally making fools of ourselves for the amusement of the youngsters.

Then there was the weekend, which, while uneventful, was fun, and didn't involve time for blogging.

And then it was Monday, and the kids and I headed down to the beach. I packed my computer, again full of good intentions. But here it is, Thursday night, and I have just turned on my computer for the first time. I'm sure it has appreciated the break. My blog/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/shopping/celebrity gossip addiction keeps my little PC going much of the time. Not this week, though. I've relied solely on my iPad for online entertainment.

It's been a nice week. My parents are here, and if they don't pass out from the sheer exhaustion that comes from spending time with two young children, I think it will be a miracle. The noise and energy my kids generate is enough to drive me a little nuts, so I can't imagine what that's like when you aren't used to it. I think they understand my need for happy hour a little better, though. They're also pretty darn helpful. That's why I've been able to read over 200 pages of the third Fifty Shades book. And at night, I've been watching Downton Abbey on Netflix, because I am apparently the last person in the civilized world who hasn't seen it.

Otherwise this week, I've been getting too much sun, eating too much food, and exercising far too little. I managed a short run this morning, but I waited until 10am to set out. and it was already way too hot. The fun part of the week, in addition to quality time with my parents, has been watching these two have fun:

Pardon the overexposed photos. This is what 
happens when I go off "auto" and try to be fancy.
Until today, Davis would not set foot in the ocean. 
Now he and the ocean are BFFs.

 Of course, we have our not so happy moments......

But mostly, we're feeling good......

The heat wave rolls in tomorrow, so the local movie theater might get a little of our business over the weekend. Hope everyone survives the oven, wherever you are!


  1. Captain Carter! You updated right as I was doing my night blog catch-up. The pool has seemed much quieter this week with several of our crew on vacation. Sounds like y'all have had a great beach week and have no fear... you are the 2nd to last person in the civilized world to finish the 50 Shades Trilogy and see Downton Abbey. Both are on my to-do list for my own beach trip in a few weeks. Have a great vacation - you earned it after last week!

  2. Great photos. Looks like fun. Trust me, I understand noise.

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.