Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep Deprived, Again

I promise I'm not trying to embarrass my dear husband, but I have to tell you about how much he snores. It's not a secret. In fact, we were at a party once, and I met someone who had recently been on a golf trip with Morgan. Upon meeting me, the friend said, "Oh, you're Morgan's wife? I'm so sorry. The snoring!"

In addition to the snoring, there is also a fair amount of tossing and turning. For some, that might not be a problem, but I am just not a deep sleeper. I feel all those tosses and turns, and then wake up and struggle to get back to sleep. I can Ambien my way through it (yes, Ambien can be a verb), but I try to use that very sparingly since I get up before sunrise most days).

None of this is helped by the fact that we are still, after nearly ten years of marriage, in a queen-sized bed. And folks, it's just too small. So, yesterday, I proposed that in honor of our upcoming anniversary, we treat ourselves to something that we can both enjoy: a new King-sized bed. When Morgan agreed, I think I heard the Hallelujah chorus. I know that a new bed isn't going to solve the snoring problem,  but it will at least give us an extra sixteen inches in which to spread out. AND - we can move the old bed upstairs so that certain snoring people might have an alternate place to sleep if need be.

So, this weekend, we begin mattress shopping. It's probably time to do so anyway, since ours is 14 years old. I don't even want to imagine the dust mites and other allergens trapped inside that thing. (To any future guests in our house, please ignore that comment since that bed will be the guest bed/snorer's bed).

Of course, it has occurred to me that a new bed does not just mean a new mattress and box springs. We need all new bedding, of course. I love nothing more than an all-white bedroom.

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White Bedroom Design
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All-white bedroom
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I love the light fixture in the second room, but I don't think I could convince Morgan to get rid of our ceiling fan. 

I still also need new lamps, but will have to get the new bed in and figure out whether we're keeping table lamps or doing some swing-arm wall sconces, a la these from Pottery Barn:

Chelsea Swing-Arm Sconce

I just think I prefer a nice white table lamp.

Anyway, enough about all that. I'm in the midst of doing some major tidying up around here. The clutter has reached critical mass, and must be dealt with immediately.


  1. We got a king last summer. Love it. We cringe at queen beds now. Isn't that funny.

  2. We got a king 3 years ago at Sam's!!!!! My dad is a crazy loud snorer nd has just stopped with a pillow from brooks brothers? My mom is beyond happy!!!

  3. If the snoring doesn't stop have him go to ENT doc. You can get surgery for that. Also...if he is overweight (don't know your husband) he can lose weight and that will make the snoring go away. When my husband gets over a certain weight he snores and I do kick him out...and we have a king tempurpedic so for us, it's not the's his weight. Good luck!

  4. Buying new mattresses is good, but I think it would’ve been great if you insisted on taking him to an ENT doctor. You’d never know if there really is a problem with his system that leads to him snoring loudly, until you have him checked. Anyway, how are things doing now?

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center