Monday, April 12, 2010

Perhaps I SHOULD be this tired....

Wow. I never truly realized how active boys are! When A turned one, we gave her one of those Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chairs. She loved it. She would climb in and chill with a little Baby Einstein so Mommy could make dinner. She sometimes even sat and played with a single toy for a full five minutes. D, on the other hand, has NO interest in TV. I know, I know. There will come a day when I have to tell him, "no, you may not watch another show," but for now, I would love to get him to sit quietly for just a few minutes. That boy is on the go all the time. No wonder he's so exhausted by 6:30 every night!

Since A no longer naps, she will occassionally get a little tired at the end of the day. Here they both are, following A's ballet class a couple of weeks ago:

Normally, I am not so fond of letting my  4-year-old sleep during the day, but sometimes, the peace and quiet that is the result of 2 sleeping children is just too much to resist. As all moms know, the craziest time of day begins around 5pm, so to have just a few moments of zen before that starts is like a little slice of heaven.
Somthing funny to mention before I sign off: My sweet daughter is, shall we say, mildly tantrum-prone? Okay, midly  may be putting it quite lightly. Let's just say that maybe she never fully outgrew her colic. The girl has a temper, and (yeah, I'll admit it), she might be just a wee bit spoiled. Anyway. Tantrums seem to come in waves, and last week was a week o' meltdowns. Funny things come out of her mouth during these moments, though. Some highlights from last week include, "I'm not having a tantrum! I'm MISERABLE!!" Also worthy of mention was (when her daddy was trying to reason with her), "I really just need to have little talk with Mommy. That will make me feel much more better!" I think at one point she also mentioned that she would not live at our house anymore.
I'm learning a lot about patience and my own temper (me??) in all of this. Remaining calm truly is helpful to all. And, we're really having to work on this whole spoiled first child thing. I swear, A should be planning to go to law school. The girl is super-persuasive, and it's hard to say no. We're getting there, though. It's a slow process.
So, between a 1-year-old boy who only stops when he sleeps, and a 4 1/2 year old drama queen, this Mommy is pretty wiped out by the end of most days. Oh, and did I mention that I've taken up running and a boot camp exercise class? Riiigght. Busy & tired. But good. Very good.
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