Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kitchen Update

I promise that this is not turning into a blog about my house, but I am so excited about what happened in our kitchen this week that I just had to share.

 It's been a big week on the remodel. On Monday, lights were put in (except for my pendant, which UPS says is coming tomorrow). We had to replace some trim, so that was done yesterday, and the ceiling was painted. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but we had popcorn ceilings up until last week. I hate them. We still have them in the rest of the house, and now I hate them even more. The fresh, smooth ceilings in the kitchen with their nice recessed lights look so nice. 

Painting was supposed to happen yesterday, but since we had to replace more  trim that we first thought, most of the day was taken up with replacing that. So, paint happens early next week. 

Today was really big. Both counter tops AND appliances were delivered. Of course, they were delivered at the exact same time. The counter top installers and the Best Buy delivery guys played well together, though, and did a good job working in the same small space. Just so you know, if you purchase appliances at Best Buy, they only deliver them. Do not expect them to say, hook up your ice maker. In fact, they will likely disconnect your old ice maker, then turn off the water to your whole house until you can have a plummer (or some other kind soul) come over and hook up the new ice maker for you. Luckily, my contractor was able to swing by and take care of it for me. 

The faucet gets hooked up tomorrow, and I will be all kinds of happy to get a working sink back in my kitchen. 

Anyway, here are the latest photos. I'm not expecting anyone at House Beautiful or Traditional Home magazine to call me to start taking pictures for them. Interior photography is hard!

(Backsplash gets put in next Wednesday).

Yes, that is my old fridge that you can see in the next room. I'm hoping it's gone tomorrow.
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  1. That looks incredible-the granite is awesome! I'll be by soon to check it out:)

  2. It's gorgeous Carter!! And I completely agree with you about interior photography... very challenging. I have not come close to mastering that skill yet.

  3. it looks great! the idea of organizing a brand new empty fridge makes me giddy with excitement. no nasty milk sprinkles yet! great job

  4. It's moving along. Looks fab. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm excited for you.