Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sibling Reunion

We're back to normal chaos here with both kids at home. Ava was so excited to see her brother when we picked her up from school. A huge love-fest ensued. It was only about 45 minutes before she was yelling at him, though. We were all playing Candy Land (I know! Shocking that I was actually playing with my kids). Things were going great for a minute, and then Davis failed to follow Ava's instructions for properly moving his game piece. He really should know better. There was some name-calling, some hitting, and then I had to be The Disciplinarian and make Ava sit out for the rest of the game. Davis beat me (since there is no strategy whatsoever in Candy Land), and then didn't want to play with Ava.

Ava, who has been a little moody (huge understatement) the last few days, went on to get pretty annoyed and kicked Davis out of her room. The next few minutes are a blur, but somehow, Ava ended up angry at me and started repeatedly screaming my name. I decided the best approach was just to ignore this behavior, so I put away some laundry. Davis and I were both in his room, and I suppose he had had enough of Ava's antics, because I looked over, and this is what he had done:

As he barricaded the door, he said, "This is so Ava can't come in here." 

Five minutes later, they were hugging and playing again. 

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