Thursday, February 2, 2012

TV Time

It's been so busy around here lately that I feel like I've gotten behind on my favorite shows. Last night I caught up on this week's episode of The Bachelor. I know Courtney is the villian, and deservedly so, but the show would be so boring without her. I read on some gossip site that Courtney is rumored to be the Chosen One for Ben. So, we'll see. One question, though? What's the deal with that overbite?

Last night, I watched the wedding episode of Gossip Girl. That's right. I watch Gossip Girl. And The Bachelor. So yeah, lots of bad tv. Lots. So, GG has been pretty terrible this season, and while I've still been watching, I've been wondering where the show will go. I mean, how did these people go from being in college one season to all having "jobs" the next? And how is it that they all just happen to end up at the social event of the season at the end of every episode?

I'll steer clear of plot, though, just in case you aren't a fan. Talk about boring. What I'd like to discuss is how amazing Blair (Leighton Meester) looked for her wedding on the show. The dress was gorgeous:


And one thing they never do wrong on that show is makeup. The wedding face was no exception:
The hair could have been  better, but I'll let it go.

Now, I'm not a big Blake Lively/Serena fan. I think there's something annoying about her, and the fact that she constantly has her boobs on display drives me nuts. As a not-at-all-endowed girl myself, I take offense. It's not jealousy. Not at all. (well, maybe a little bit).

But when Serena had a dream sequence in which she portrayed Marilyn Monroe singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend", I almost felt bad  for Lively. It was terrible. Her dress was at least a size too small, and she just looked ridiculous trying to emulate someone as legendary as Marilyn. 

Blake Lively as Marilyn Monroe for Gossip Girl's 100th Episode

Now if I can only catch up on all the Real Housewives. And, just to throw in something seemingly more highbrow, Downton Abbey.

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  1. nice pic of the overbite..i know a few orthodontists that would love to get their hands on that