Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Alarm Needed

I am so annoyed this morning. Davis woke up at 4:55am ready to get up. Seriously. 4:55am. And it wasn't like he went to bed at 6 last night. This is the problem we have now. If he naps, his night sleep gets out of whack. And if he doesn't nap? He's falling apart at 4:30pm.

So, at 4:55am, I tried to be strong. I told him it was still night time, and to go back to sleep. That worked for maybe two minutes. Then I let him cry for a few minutes, but he was really loud, and Ava's was sleeping soundly in the room next door. So, I gave him the option of getting in bed with Morgan and me. That, of course, is one of those things I would have NEVER done before I actually had kids. I was completely on Team No Kids In My Bed.

After a little (a lot) of protest, Davis relented and decided our bed would be fine. Sleep was not on his agenda, though. There was some fidgeting. Then he tried using my head as a pillow. And at one point he tried smothering me with his Pillow Pet. He kept telling Morgan to stop snoring. He tossed and turned. My head started hurting because I was getting so annoyed with the whole scenario.

Finally, at 5:25, I gave in and we got up. I heard Davis' stomach growling, and it occurred to me that he had skipped dinner last night. And, lest you think I didn't give him dinner, I did. He just didn't like it. In fact, he took one look at his plate and immediately shoved it away. So, I figured he was hungry this morning, and I was right. He devoured a huge bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, and has since had two snacks.

I, on the other hand, am still pissed that he was up so early. This was the one day of the week I didn't have to rise at either 5 or 5:30 for exercise. I stayed up late watching that tragedy of a basketball game, and announced several times that I was so happy to not have to get up early today. So much for that.

I'm hoping that such an early wake up will mean a nice nap after school today. I think we could both use it. I have big plans to crash on my sofa and catch up on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Hopefully that giant pile of laundry won't interfere with my plans.


  1. Bless your heart. Been there done that (all week!!!!). We have been sick, skipping dinner for early bed time because of no nap and then getting up early because of empty stomach. Hang in there!

  2. I logged in again to blogger. And it worked. That is brutal time.

  3. Middle of the night (and I consider anytime before 5am the middle of the night) waking up is the worst! Hope he got a really good nap in and that you had some time for yourself.