Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Thoughts for Friday

This post is probably going to be a fast one, y'all. Davis is currently running around with my Swiffer high in the air. It's only a matter of time before something breaks. The babysitter TV is really not doing it's job of occupying him right now.

How is it that my days seem so long, and yet before I know it, it's Friday? I'm especially happy for this Friday because 1) I have a functioning sink again, and 2) I'm going to dinner with 2 good friends. Even better, we're going to the best Mexican restaurant in town, so Margaritas will be in full effect. (don't worry, Mom. I'm not driving).

Davis slept horribly last night and wanted to "rock" in the middle of the night. If you need a good laugh, please just imagine me rocking my 35 lb almost 3-year-old. He's really snuggly, though. And 2am is not a good time to fight kids. Anyway, he was up on and off from 12:30am til 2am, and then I was up at 5:06am for a very chilly 6 mile run. It took me a solid hour to warm up after I got back home. 

I think equally exhausting was probably the quick trip I made to lululemon today where I purchased nothing. Using willpower really wears me out. Because after my cold run, I really started thinking I need more long-sleeved tops. Namely, this one:

Alas, I walked out empty handed, despite the fact that I was carrying around $100 cold hard cash from the sale of my old refrigerator. 

Oh, and speaking of that fridge, I can happily report that I was not murdered by the Craigslist buyer who came to get it today. It really is the little things that make for a good day.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Have fun tonight. What Mexican restaurant?

    Like that top? You know how it is...when you are looking for something, you can't find it.


  2. Love that top!! I'm trying to motivate myself to start running in the mornings before the rest of my house wakes up and I'm using you as my inspiration. 5:06 is impressive girl!! Hope you had fun last night. Did you go to Dos Tos or the new place at Greystone?

  3. Ok seriously you're making me feel like a complete slacker. I read your fb post this morning about piling on layers for a run (while I was laying in bed watching Little Bear). I need you to kick me into gear! So yes, I rejoined Fitness Connection, which one do you go to? Any classes that you love and I must take?