Friday, March 2, 2012

Medicate me. Please.

Y'all know I love my kids, right? I mean, I know I throw out some sarcastic comments about them, but I do adore them. However, this afternoon, they are driving me to the brink of insanity. Davis has been difficult all day, and Ava started whining the second I picked her up from school. (As a side note, how is it that kids can never remember what they did at school?).

I wanted to run a quick little errand (to lululemon) and Ava immediately balked. She was starving, it seemed. It's no wonder. Upon arriving home and inspecting her lunchbox, only about 1/3 of the food I packed had been consumed.

From there, we went home. I think it's maybe a 7 minute drive home. I think Ava cried or whined for 5 of those minutes. One bout of tears came when she learned that Davis had seen the Chickfila cow today. Yes, seriously. The girl just saw every princess and every character you can imagine at Disney World, and she's in tears over a damn cow. I guess I shouldn't mention to her that Davis also got a cow Pez dispenser. That might just do her in completely.

Once home, Ava ate the rest of her lunch and then a snack. She and Davis proceeded to play, which led to fight after fight, and lots of tattling. I was just trying to do some laundry and Swiffer the house, but I couldn't get a single thing finished. All I could do was referree. The most annoying thing of all is that it's pretty much Ava crying over something Davis does. She is 6 and 1/2. He is not quite 3. I tried explaining to her that he is TRYING to get her mad/upset because that's what brothers do. By reacting to him, she makes it fun for him. The poor girl just doesn't have it in her to walk away, though. She just has to engage him. And then I get furious with both of them, especially when the name-calling starts.

It's not just  Ava, though. Davis has had his own share of problems today. He has some serious throwing issues. Some hitting. And maybe some kicking. And he won't listen or really comply with my instructions.unless he's absolutely forced to do so. I've tried time out, taking toys away, taking privileges away. Nothing seems to matter. He's wearing me out, and I really hope it's just a phase. Thank God he's cute, and that he also knows to give out unsolicited hugs and "I love yous." Otherwise, I might have to sell him.

I think we're still in vacation detox mode. Both kids seem especially tired, and why wouldn't they? We had five full days in Kid Heaven. Rules were bent, bedtimes were late, and naps for Davis took place in a stroller, and never exceeded an hour. I'm hoping for a relatively low-key weekend so that everyone can really recover.

Oh, but did I mention we're starting potty training this weekend? That should make things muuccchh easier.

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  1. Oh no, you are, rest.

    I so know what you mean. I can't tell Mr. Cool anything that Baby Diva and I do during the day.