Monday, March 19, 2012


We enjoyed a fun weekend with some fantastic weather. Friday night my friend Jill and I took our kids out for pizza. They played outside for a good hour after dinner. I was a huge pig and ate four slices of pizza and had 2 Blue Moons. I guess that's why I work out, right? I might have had some chocolate cake when I got home, too.

Morgan was at the NCAA tournament in Greensboro and got to witness the big Dook loss. Go Lehigh! This kept showing up on my Facebook news feed and I thought it was pretty funny:

Saturday involved me trying to undo some of Friday night's caloric damage with a Spinning class. The rest of the day was filled with chores, a little work, and an excursion to Target and lululemon. The lulu trip got me in a bit of  trouble with a new shirt and shorts. 

Tracker  shorts (my favorite ever....made for "athletic" legs, which is kind of a nice way of saying chubby, I think).
Run: Tracker Short II 
I got these in black a few weeks ago and had to add the ultraviolet to my collection. I also threw in a Swiftly tee in lavender. 
RUN:Swiftly Tech SS            
I need to stay out of there. I can't seem to leave without making a purchase. However, fun workout clothes do seem to keep me motivated to get to the gym, so I guess I can consider it an investment in my health. Somehow, I don't think Morgan sees it that way. (Sorry, honey).

Yesterday was church, and then we were lucky enough to have tickets for the UNC game in Greensboro. We took the kids to my parents' house, and then headed to the game. We were able to get a quick visit with Morgan's family, including his brother. Got a cute pic of him with Davis:

John is a Duke grad, and he was the one that was gracious enough to give us his NCAA Tournament tickets. He and Davis were well-coordinated in their blues.

The game was great.....big Carolina win. Of course, it's all touch and go now with poor Kendall Marshall's broken wrist. Our seats gave us a good view of all the players.....I just love this Tar Heel team. 

Hope all of you had a good weekend, too!


  1. You all had great seats. I"m jealous. I hate to sit up high. It doesn't feel like a game when you're up high which is where we are when we have State tickets. I would love to be in Missouri. It's neat that both teams will be there.

    And your Friday night dinner sounds like mine all the time, and I don't work out like you. Totally didn't do anything today. I've fallen off the fitness wagnon except a couple of days a week, and since I do minimum, I need to do it almost daily.

  2. thanks for not implicating me in the pizza eating..i wouldn't have been mad if you had thrown me under the bus too