Monday, March 12, 2012

The Problem With Literate Kids

Hi all. I'm finally feeling human again.....thank God for antibiotics. I laid low most of the weekend, just trying to feel better. Watched lots of basketball, and only wept a little when my Tar Heels didn't win the ACC Tournament yesterday. I have high hopes for the NCAA tourney.

I did venture out late Saturday afternoon to take Ava to see The Lorax. Have you seen it? I loved it. One of my favorite kid movies.
I'm certainly not going to get political here, but the movie did have a strong anti-large business message that came through loud and clear. I don't watch Fox News, but I have a feeling they have probably had a lot to say about The Lorax. Either way, the movie stayed pretty true to the book, adding in some musical numbers and a few more characters. My favorite quote from the book (and movie): 

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." 

On Friday, Morgan was nice enough to work from home so that I could have him there if I felt too bad to take care of the kids. Late in the afternoon, Ava told me she really needed to tell her Daddy something. I told her she could go upstairs to tell him whatever this urgent message was, but if he was on the phone, don't bother him. She reported back that he was on the phone, and that was that.

Well, yesterday, Morgan showed me a note that she had given him when she went up there. Here it is:
Someone at our hotel let Ava and Davis pick out candy from the gift shop on our last morning there. Ava still has hers. She was hoarding it in her room, and I told her it needed to be in the pantry. She expressed a bit of concern that someone might eat it. I guess that's what inspired this note to her Daddy. 

Penmanship is not her strong suit. Nor is generosity.


  1. I think she did great. I"m having issues with Jack's writing, and phonics. He would not have spelled any of that on his own.

  2. I don't watch Fox 'News' either but I have heard plenty about their take on the Lorax. The have ranked it right up there with Sesame Street as one of the evil liberal shows trying to brainwash kids.