Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Boy Room

Thanks for the potty training suggestions the other day. I've decided not to stress over the pooping will all work itself out in time. 

Moving on to more fun topics. I'm getting ready to move Davis out of his crib and into a big boy bed. When we were at Disney last month, he slept in a double bed by himself and did great. We didn't use rails or anything, and he slept on one side of the bed rather than the middle. He didn't fall out at all, and he also stayed put. I anticipated that he would be up and down all night, but no. So, that was good.

Luckily for me, my mom has a couple of twin beds at her house that belonged to my grandparents. Davis' room is really small, so I'm not going to try to cram two beds in there. If it was a guest room, that might be okay, but since I want him to have room for toys, we're just sticking to a single twin. I used to think that looked a bit institutional (sanatorium, anyone?), but I think that if it's done correctly, and with cute accessories, it can be a good option.

So, the bed is dark wood, something else I used to shun, but for a boy's room, I think that's fine. Plus, I can always paint it at some point if need be. The walls are currently light blue, and they're staying that way. I picked up cute madras bedding at Pottery Barn Kids a few weeks ago:

Madras Quilted Bedding

I didn't do the alligator sheets, though. I picked this train print instead:
Ryder Train Sheeting

I need to find some cute wall art, because what I have right now goes with his crib bedding. I may let Ava do some drawings or paintings with colors that coordinate with his bedding and just frame those for now. I think she'd enjoy helping out with his new room. If I'm feeling really nice, I might even let Davis paint something. 

My dilemma is that we still have the nursery rocking chair in there. It's not an ugly was my splurge when we were doing the nursery for Ava. It's upholstered, and doesn't have any exposed wood or anything like that. It looks more like real furniture. When I bought it, I really thought we would always keep it and be able to put it somewhere. Of course, now it truly feels more like a nursery piece, so I can't decide what to do with it. We have a bonus room that I'm trying to revamp, so for now, I may move it up there. I'm a little sentimental about it. I mean, that's where I spent many a night feeding and rocking my babies, and it's hard for me to let it go. 

For a new seating option for Davis, I think I'm going to get him this beanbag seat from PB Kids:
Navy Anywhere Beanbag
It's available in the same madras as his bedding, but I think that's just too much matching. 

I need new window treatments, too, and I'm thinking of trying out some DIY Roman shades. I'm not crafty, so we'll see how that goes. Of course, the ones from PB that are already made are awfully appealing. Especially with the blackout liners....
Twill Cordless Roman Shade with Blackout Lining
Those also come in the madras, but again, maybe too matchy-matchy? I don't know. 

For now, I just need to figure out when I can get to my parents' house and load the twin bed into the Odyssey. I'm hoping that will happen just after spring break. I can't wait to get the room all done!


  1. Happy Spring Break to you.

    We have just one twin bed in Jack's room. It is a little odd since it is against the wall. I'm not really a decorator, but it's been ok for us. It's nice to have the space. I think it will be fine. I've been meaning to get those bean bags, too. I have a similar bedspread, and I think it's still in the catalogues, but it's a stripe with yellows, blues, reds, and maybe green. Can't recall the name.

  2. The room is very zen, a little plain for my taste, I think you can do more with $2000, but everyone has different styles. If your really on a budget, I suggest buying your nursery furniture on craigslist. We sold my sons (very expensive) crib and changing dresser for $300 for the set. It looked brand new, babies don't really beat up their furniture like toddlers and older kids do.
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