Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up

Life has gotten ahead of me lately, thus the lack of blogging this week. All is good, though.Here's a breakdown of what's been going on:

Last weekend we went to see my parents and celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. He looks quite good, doesn't he?

We've always been close. And as you can see, he doesn't age in the same way as the rest of the human race:

Next was Mother's Day. It was nice that we were at my parents' house because we were able to celebrate everyone in one trip. Plus, it's just always fun to be home with my parents. They still live in the house where I grew up. I found a bunch of old notes from high school, along with some diaries, and I had fun reading them.

My family spoiled me for Mother's Day. I did a little shopping last week and got a new dress and shirt, so I told Morgan not to get my anything. And for once, I meant it. I was quite happy with my new clothes. But I was pleasantly surprised when he and the kids gave me a Breville Juice Fountain Plus. I've never really tried juicing, but it seems like a good way to get some more veggies, so I'm going to give it a try. Here she is:

Sadly, I have not had a chance to even take this thing out of the box yet....busy week.

I loved my Mother's Day, and it was especially nice getting to spend most of the day with my mom.

We brought Davis' big boy bed home from my  parents' house. Morgan disassembled the crib and set up the new bed that evening. We need to work on furniture placement in the very small bedroom, but the bed itself looks cute. It belonged to my grandparents, and it does have a mate. The room is just too small for two twins. I'd kind of like to paint the, but I've been asked by the former owner not to do so. When I do, though, I might just call on my friend Holly from Storywood Designs. I think distressed red or navy would be awfully cute.

Davis looks pretty snuggly in it:

He sleeps well in the bed once he settles down. The settling down part is taking far too long. However, I guess considering that in the course of two weeks, he's lost his pacifier and moved beds, he's doing pretty well.

Lastly, I got a nice surprise when I stopped at Harris Teeter for a bottle of wine today. This Cycles Clement Chardonnay supposedly retails for $15/bottle (I don't know that I believe that - pretty sure HT fudges their MSRPs a bit on wine to make sales look better), but  it was marked down to $4.99. That's cheap, folks. And not bad. I only got two bottles because I was worried it would be wretched, but it's actually quite good, so I may go back for more.


  1. I've had a busy week, too. You look so cute as a little girl.

  2. I did a double-take at the picture of your son in his Big Boy Bed because he looks SO much like my older son at that age. I think I just had a pang.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! ;-) You know if you ever decide to paint it, I'm happy to help, but I love the wood and the big-boy bed turned out great! He looks adorable all snuggled up in it. Glad you had a great Mother's Day weekend!

  4. I have fallen in LOVE with Cycles Clement Chardonnay! I think it's about to go out of distribution, which is why HT has it so cheap at present. I've been stocking up on it by the case each weekend when HT has their 20% off case price. Even without the 20% off, they take 10% off cases everyday of the week, which knocks the price down to about $4.50 a bottle. A total STEAL! Let's keep this yummy secret to ourselves, though. We don't want a sudden run on the wine and not have any left over for us.