Tuesday, May 8, 2012

High End vs Low End: Wedge Sandals. Plus, a dress, and Christian Grey

If I had my druthers, these Stuart Weitzman wedges would be mine:

Alas, at $365, our relationship is not meant to be. I did come across these Steve Madden knockoffs, though. On sale for $59, they can be mine. And they will, as soon as Piperlime ships them to me.

I can't lie - I like the Stuart Weitzmans much better. But I could buy like, 6 pairs of the Steve Maddens. I just ordered one pair, though. Gotta love free shipping and free returns. Risk-free shopping. I'll let you know how they are once I get them. I'm sure I don't really need them. I mean, I spend most of my days in my workout clothes. But for those rare occasions when I put on something nicer, it's good to have cute shoes. 

Also, I picked up this dress at Target yesterday after seeing a friend wear it.  She got navy, I got aqua (so we can trade, right, Heather?):
Pinned Image
This is sold out online, but there were several in my Target today. It comes in stripes and a few solids. For $20, it's a steal. Just one of those great summer dresses to throw on for daytime. 

By the way, who out there is reading 50 Shades of Grey

I seriously cannot put it down, despite the fact that the writing is on about a 7th grade level. The actual story is - um - worth reading. One of my friends called it "Mommy Porn", which is pretty accurate. Like I said, I can't stop reading. I even took it to the park and read while pushing Davis on the swing. 

Share your thoughts on the book with me.....I'd love to hear!


  1. Ha, Ha. That's one someone told me. Now, I need to read it.

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