Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Happy Thursday, my friends. I had the pleasure of attending Davis' first ever Mother's Day Tea at school today. It was seriously so sweet. The kids sang songs for us, then served us yummy food (ham biscuits!). They also answered questions about their Mommies, which their teachers put on paper for us. Here is Davis', complete with scribble scrabble (the boy hates coloring, unless it's on his sister's homework).

Hopefully, you can read it. My favorite is "When we are in the car my Mommy likes to...." Davis's response? "She might have a wreck."

I'm pretty sure that comes from me saying something like, "Stop whining/bickering/yelling or I might have a wreck."

I think I just just be happy he didn't fill in the blank with "text on her phone."

Also, the fact that he thinks I like shopping at the grocery store shows that he really doesn't know me all that well. Target, maybe. But not the grocery store.

Just for giggles, let's look at one of Ava's recent writing samples. Hard to believe that just four short years ago, she could not read or write, and was the same age as Davis. Things change crazy-fast.

Now, while I do believe Davis is just as bright as his sister, I don't think he's going to meet her literacy skills at the same age. She taught herself to read at 4, and at 3 he doesn't even know his letters.

A funny note about the tea at Davis' school: Ava heard me mention it this morning, and her mood immediately went dark. She was miffed that I was going to his school, and even said, "Oh! Remember, though? You said you might sign me out of school early for that."

Um. No, I didn't. Nice try, though.

After that, she was especially sullen, so I called her out, saying, "Ava, you're just in a bad mood because I'm going to Davis' school today and not yours."

Her honest reply?

"That's right. And if you hadn't told me you were going, I wouldn't be grumpy at all."

And that was that.

I should probably mention that I just finished taking a course on Positive Discipline, so now I am empowered with excellent parenting skillz. Just spend a day with the kids and me and I just know you'll be dying to know my secrets.**

**dripping with sarcasm

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  1. So, so sweet. Ava does so well with her writing. I wish J could write like that, but he does great with reading.

    Such a sweet post. And like your new look