Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend trip to the ER

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and frankly, I'm amazed it took 3 years. Davis had his first trip to the ER for stitches on Saturday. I'd like to tell you there is some crazy story of him swan diving from the top of our swing set, or even jumping on the bed, but no. It was a boring injury. He just tripped walking into the house from our  back deck. He fell right over the step and got a big gash in his knee. It was one of those cuts that, as soon as I saw it, I thought, "Yep. That one needs stitches."

I suppose the story is a little more interesting if you know that he was wearing snow boots?

Morgan stepped up to the plate and took Davis to urgent care so that I could pick up Ava from a sleepover and get her to a choir rehearsal. I received lots of updates from Morgan via text, and the quick version of this is that the urgent care doc couldn't keep Davis calm enough to stitch his knee. He's a bit fidgety and a little headstrong. So, she recommended that we go to the ER so that he could be sedated a bit. 

I ended up meeting them in the ER. Davis was chilling out, watching some Nick Jr: Snoop Dogg

Wake Med has a pediatric ER, and we got the best care ever. We were lucky that they weren't busy, but it felt like we had the entire ER staff in the room with us. They were able to give Davis nitrous so that he was okay with getting all stitched up. Davis on nitrous was hilarious. He was singing songs, giggling, talking to was all quite entertaining. His doctor's first name was also Davis, which just blew my Davis' mind. 

I'm pretty sure we got a good glimpse of drunk Davis.....which makes me a little nervous for high school/college. 

The wound only needed 3's how it looked by this morning:

He's still covered in betadine....we were told no bath or shower for  48 hours. And of course, no pool. That's the worst part. I'm hoping we'll have them off by the weekend so we can get lots of pool time in for Memorial Day.

Davis has been a trooper, and tells everyone that he has a broken leg. I'm just waiting on a call from Social Services.

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