Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleep? What is this "sleep" you speak of?

The husband was out of town last night. I tried hard to stay awake so I could catch up on "Revenge", but ended up falling asleep around 10:40. I got my first night visitor - Ava - at 11:10. She likes to sleep with me when her Daddy is gone, and that's fine. I don't think either of us were sleeping all that well, though, because around 1-something, I could tell we were both awake. Then, at 4am, I got visitor number two - Davis. It's kind of hard to say no to a little 3-year-old voice asking, "Mommy? Can I sleep in your bed?"

Problem was, he went to bed at 6pm last night. No nap, you see. So by 4am? He was kind of awake. I have to credit him for trying to go back to sleep. But poor me. I was sandwiched between the two kids, and you know how 3-year-olds are. They squirm. They kick. They rustle. By 4:45am, Ava was wide awake, too, and at 5, I relented and turned on the TV, then went to get in Davis' bed. I never did get back to sleep, though. And now we're all up and at 'em. God help me.

I'm sure I should be using this time to be really productive, but instead, I'm reading blogs, perusing Pinterest, and checking Facebook. And in the background? Two children keep talking about their bottoms.

Welcome to my reality.

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