Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Dilemma

I'm still at the beach, being as lazy as possible with 2 young kids. It's surprisingly easier than you might think. The kids love it here. Mornings consist of eating Lucky Charms on the sofa while watching TV. Then some beach time, lunch, pool time, more beach, more pool, and a late dinner. Needless to say, they both fall asleep quite easily at the end of the day.

I came to Litchfield with great intentions of a 6am run each  morning:

Somehow, that hasn't happened.

I don't love running on the beach. Sometimes the sand slopes and that drives me nuts. Other times it's just too mushy, and I feel like that can't be good on the aging joints. Plus, while perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across an Insanity workout featured in Self magazine. I tried out this move:

And promptly pulled a muscle in my back. Ouch. Of course, that provided an excellent excuse for laziness. However, I'm debating a quick run before getting everyone ready to head out to the beach this morning.

One of the biggest issues I have to deal with here is Ava's hair. She has been wanting to let it grow out for some time now. So, I've been letting her. My initial thought on the topic was, "it's her hair, if it's a big deal for her to have it long, I'll let her do it." Trouble is, long is not really the best style for her. And it's not even crazy long, yet. But it's long enough that it is constantly tangled, resulting in a scream-fest every morning when it's time to brush it. I love it in a ponytail:
But what I really loved was when she was four and had this sweet little bob:

I recently showed her a picture of Crystal Gayle, thinking that would change her mind about overly-long hair,  but of course, it had the opposite effect. She was mesmerized. 

Of course. 


  1. Note the direction of the waves. Do 50 walking lunges in that direction. Then go waist deep in the water. Sprint back. Repeat as needed. The beach is great place to work out - lots of options. Warm up first so you don't pull anything else.

  2. Oh my, I forgot that Crystal Gayle's hair was that long.

    Ava's hair did look cute in a bob. Enjoy your lazy week.