Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday

I'm excited about this weekend because there is really nothing pressing on our agenda. Ava had early release from school today. In preschool, that would have made me cringe, but now that I feel like I never get to see her, it's great to have her home a little early. Plus, we have nothing to do for the rest of the day, and I'm so happy to just hunker down all afternoon. It's cloudy and only about 60 degrees. I just love fall. And yes, I know it's technically still summer.

One project I have got to tackle this weekend is ordering some pictures. I think it's been a solid 18 months since I ordered any actual photos. They just sit in my computer's hard drive, but not in frames in my house. Silly. Davis' teacher asked that we bring in a photo of our child, as well as a photo of our family for their classroom. That's when it occurred to me that our last family photo that I have a copy of is from when Davis was 6 months old. Oops.

I do have a few of him on my iPhone, though. Do you think I should send this one?

This is one of those pictures I'll have to save for his rehearsal dinner. Poor Davis. I feel bad even posting this. But it's funny. Ava was furious that he had gotten into her shoes. 

Maybe this one is a better choice. He picked fleece Santa pajamas to sleep in the other night. It was probably 92 degrees that day, and I had them out for consignment. It was a battle I didn't care to fight.

For some reason, I love to take pictures of my kids when they're sleeping. It's good to have their finest moments captured on digital film.

Now, for one I really do love. A moment of true affection between siblings:

I'm sure Ava was screaming at him the next minute, but here's proof of how much they (sometimes) love each other. Since Ava has been in school all day, they get along so much better. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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