Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Gwyneth Love (just call me a stalker)

If you're a regular reader, you know my love for Gwyneth Paltrow is unending. Well, her latest blog post on GOOP just makes me love her all the more. She chronicled her recent trip to the Venice Film Festival, where she was promoting the Steven Soderbergh-produced film, "Contagion."  If you didn't think she lived a charmed life before, you will now. When hanging out with Matt Damon is just part of your daily life, you're a lucky girl.

And when you get to rock this Prada dress at your film premier? Well, heads turn. And other girls get REALLY jealous. Seriously, this dress is the ultimate blend of high fashion and girlie perfection. I am smitten.

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And then I love how cool she looks all dressed down, heading to the airport;

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Can I also mention how badly I'm wanting to go to Venice now? 


  1. I like that dress, too. I want to go to Venice again. I like Gwynth, but I"m not a stalker like you. (Ha). Her style does seem effortless. I'm not sure if I have a love for anyone, but I have to admit that since I'm the age of the "Friends" that I do read Jennifer Aniston know, Gywnth probably did a smart thing breaking off that engagement with Brad. :)

  2. Ok, yeah, I'm very jealous. Even if I could ever afford a dress like that one, I'd never have anywhere to where it. Ever. I hope she's following you on Twitter. Clearly you can give her the love she deserves! :) My girl crush used to be Katherine Heigl until I found out she's kind of mean.