Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm in lu-lu love.

Despite my love of all things I really can't afford, I've never felt that I was above anything at Target. For the last few years, most of my workout apparel has come from Target. I've always loved C9, and really, at those prices, you can pretty much stock up on it. Besides, I've never really wanted to invest big bucks in clothes that I just sweat in.

Recently, though, I've been going to classes at Pure Barre

(Please be aware that I'm kind of hesitant to even admit to going to classes there, just because I feel like if you see me, you're going to be expecting some kind of amazing results, and I don't want to disappoint anyone. Please lower your expectations now.). 

So, I've noticed that all the regulars at Pure Barre do their workouts in lululemon athletic gear. It looks great, so I had to check it out. Naturally, I first looked online, but we have a small showroom here in town, so I had to go check it out in person. That was probably a mistake, at least for my checkbook. I got these two pieces:

 Wunder under crop pants. Seriously, people. You don't know comfort until you've worn these pants. They suck everything in, but in a flattering, no-muffin-top sort of way. I hate all other clothing now. I just want to live in these. All the time. 

lululemon athletica -...

My plan was really just to get these pants and just work out in them with all my Target tops. But then I just had to try on a few tops. And I walked away with this one, the Power Y tank:

Power Y Tank

Love it. It totally stays put during a workout. No riding up. And for those of us who are uh, less fortunate in the chest, the built-in bra offers plenty of support. I love it. I need more of them. So, without further ado, here is my lululemon wishlist:

My friend Heather just got this for her birthday and I am completely jealous. Clearly, it's perfect for fall, so I can't wait until Christmas to get it. It's a must-have. Winter morning runs? Check. Cute for running errands around town with a 2 year old in tow? Check. Comfy. Check. 

See that nice, longer length? How it covers the bum? Love that. Thanks, lulu. But do you have to be SO pricey? 

Last, but only for now, I guess I need some full-length pants, too. It's going to get cold eventually, right? I'll just take a pair of these Astro Pants Thanks.

Santa is definitely getting a lulu wish list from me this year. I have never, ever been a fan of living in lounge wear. I just feel better if I'm dressed. But honestly, if I can wear cute athletic wear that not only feels great for workouts, but looks good for daytime errands, I'm sold. 

Check back with me on Monday, when the topic will be "Crying it out: harder at six years than six months."

Have a great weekend, all!

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