Thursday, August 11, 2011


The other night, we actually had the rare opportunity to eat dinner as a family. The kids had just returned from their weekend with my parents, and we were enjoying a little time together. Corn, which is the kids’ summer favorite, was on the menu.

Sadly, there was only enough corn for everyone to have one ear. Ava complimented the corn, and I said something like, “Savor that ear, because it’s all we have tonight.”

Her reply?

“No more corn?? DAMMON!”

Dammon? Hmmm. That sounds suspiciously like “damn it.” No idea where she could have heard such a thing. Certainly not from her mother.

I asked her to repeat herself. Again, she said, “Dammon!”

Well, that did it. Between the mispronunciation of her new cuss word and the  fact that she was saying it, I lost it. I could not stifle my laughter. It was terrible. Morgan, being the more mature parent, calmly mentioned that that’s a word that isn’t nice to say, and only adults can say it. And then he moved on.

As for me? I was unable to speak or make eye contact with anyone at dinner, lest I start laughing uncontrollably. Again.

I know that all kids have to lose their cussing virginity. I’m pretty sure that when I was around Ava’s age, I let my own version of “dammon” slip while playing a game on the Intellivision. (Remember how cool Intellivision was? Gotta love being a child of the 80s).

Frankly, though, I thought I would be able to be a little more parent-like when it happened to us. No such luck.

Oh well. So far, that’s the only time we’ve heard it. The rest of the week she’s been back to her usual “poopie head.” Hmmm. Maybe I like “dammon” better.



  1. That's hysterical!! I'm really laughing.

  2. Your post made me laugh so hard Carter! That is classic... especially the part about you not being able to keep a straight face.

  3. I am posting this as anonymous because otherwise I might have to walk around with a scarlet A on my daughter shouted her first curse word after she heard me shouting it for all 20 months of her life. I have horrific road rage and I yell F**k You after I honk sometimes. My daughter repeated it after me one time after I did it....Holy smokes I laughed my butt off. It was horrible. I have since "untrained her". I shout "toot toot" after every honk and she has forgotten (mostly) though she will spew it out every once it a while when she is mad. She will also take a crack at "Damnit." or "Oh Dammit" when she is mad and wants to piss me off. And if I forget to filter my tongue she will also repeat "oh shit" after she has heard me say it. She is now 26 months old. My husband told the nurses at work this exact same story. Not only did they not believe him when he told them our daughter says such dirty things at 2 yrs old they called him a liar for blaming me for teaching it to her! ...he's no liar, sadly. Gosh----the things us parents have to learn: no cursing EVER. Just bc child is one years old and mumbles doesn't mean they aren't picking up on every thing we DO/SAY oh and it's ok to laugh at your potty mouthed kids every once in a while.:) After what they put us through with colic and toddler defiance we deserve a good laugh. P.S. LOVE YOUR POST!!!!!

  4. In reflecting on the events of my life....I seem to remember a little girl at my house about 32 years ago proclaiming "dommit" on an occasion when something didn't go her way....just sayin'

  5. This is Anonymous 1 writing....glad you laughed. I didn't even tell you about being at grocery store during lunch hour. I put my daughter in the cart with the baby car. My daughter was pissed off and hungry....She started honking and shouting "F**k You". It was terrible. I just left my cart full of food and ran home. Called hubby to tell him hoping to get some sympathy. He just told me serves me right for teaching our daughter such horrid language. Time to start saving for therapy!:) In my defense...I have quit cursing like a sailor. I'm just hoping she doesn't get kicked out of preschool this fall for cursing. Otherwise I just might have to bury myself in the backyard!

  6. I'm totally the parent that can't keep a straight face when trying to discipline my son when he's done (or said) something that is actually funny. I don't cuss all the time, but there are times I just get so mad and let it fly. I am trying to curb that. especially now that my son is repeating more and more. If he says a "bad word" I am going to totally laugh and my husband is going to give me the evil eye.