Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet. Or not.

A little while ago, the kids and I walked in the door from a morning at the pool. Within seconds, my cell phone started ringing. I ignored it because I was getting ready to put Davis down for a much-needed nap. A couple of minutes later, my doorbell rang. Worried that something had happened to a neighbor (see what a good person I am?), I actually went to the door. Sure enough, there was my neighbor. She asked me if my house had just shook. It had not. At least not that I had noticed. I assumed she was probably just being dramatic and went about my day.

Davis went down for a nap, and I immediately got on Facebook. Imagine my surprise when EVERYONE IN RALEIGH was updating their status to reflect the EARTHQUAKE that they all felt.

I feel totally let down. I mean, how many times am I, a Southern girl, going to feel an earthquake when I'm not visiting California?

So, just to make sure this earthquake was legit, I went to CNN.com. And the Huffington Post. And I found this map, showing just where this alleged quake hit:

Hmmm. Being a Southern girl and also an East Coast girl, I don't know much about earthquakes. Just that I don't really want one coming my way. It's crazy that a quake in VA, close to DC, can be felt all these miles away. Supposedly. Remember, I didn't feel it. And I'm kind of bitter about that. Hmph. Honestly, I don't know how I didn't feel it. All I can figure is that it happened while we were walking up our brick steps into the house, and maybe the bricks are just sturdy enough for us not to feel it.

It's probably a good thing. I live with the world's most dramatic 6-year-old, who already fears all major weather events. The fact that we're fully into hurricane season is a major source of stress for her. 

Speaking of hurricanes, Irene is bearing down on the Carolinas. If you see Ava, please don't tell her. Seriously. Her OCD will send both of us over the edge. 

Earthquakes, hurricanes......obviously,  the end of the world is upon us. What's next? Locusts? Pestilence? 

Everyone batten down the hatches!


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  1. I didn't feel it either.

    Looks like we are in for a rainy weekend thanks to Irene.