Sunday, August 7, 2011

House envy

I recently saw that author Emily Giffin (of Something Borrowed fame) is selling her Atlanta home. If I had $2.2 million and was moving to Atlanta, I would buy it. It’s pretty much my dream house.

Prepare to drool:

(all images from Wall Street Journal website)

5847223097_b370b1cdbd_b[1]Exterior. Hi, pretty house.

5847223117_4e5cd45453_b[1] Living room: chic, yet cozy. And not too formal.


Kitchen. Perfection. What kind of wood is that table? I likey.


Family room. Love the doors heading to the porch. Bringing the outdoors in.


Another view of the family room. I am in love with the ceiling and the arcitechtural details of the room. All those arches.


Master bedroom, filled with light from that huge window.


Ava would adore this room. I particularly like the chandelier.


Emily apparently has twin boys, and this is their room. I can’t ever get enough stripes, and I really like the single initial pillows.


The hardscape yard. Probably the one drawback, at least from a family perspective. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s gorgeous. Oh, and how about that sweet little guest house?


Another view. Isn’t the house a cool shape?

So, I am sufficiently green with envy, and you probably are, too. I know I just feel good knowing that by purchasing some of Emily’s novels, I have contributed to the loveliness that is this home.



  1. Carter, I love your posts. They always make me laugh.

  2. This is a gorgeous home. Gorgeous! Thought of you today. I barely could get anything done, and I've needed to do some writing. Stepped outside my door at 7:15 am, and both kids were up...

    Not logged in...Hines-Sight Blog

  3. the single letter pillows are serena and lilly. you can get Davis one and then you will at least have something similar...fabulous house.