Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sweetness

My kids say some pretty amusing things these days. For all the time they spend driving me batty, they can be kind of  endearing. Davis is talking up a blue streak these days, and he's funny as can be. Definitely the comic of the family. Ava is pretty witty herself, and has recently taken to making up lullabies for Davis. Here are the lyrics to her latest:

Stars shine bright
In the night
Twinkling in your window at night.

A farmer sees a star,
He thinks it's the North one,
But he doesn't know very much about stars.

Stars shine bright
In the night
Twinkling in your window at night.

That's one of Davis' nightly requests. No idea where that farmer stuff came from. 

When Ava doesn't like something I've done or said, she'll say, "That's one thing that's weird about you, Mommy. You never do so-and-so." 

I don't want to think about what the teenage years bring. Thankfully for her, when she isn't analyzing my oddities, she's pretty sweet. And quite attached to me. Probably way too attached.

Now, for the sweetest thing: for the first time ever, without any prompting, Davis told me he loves me. 


I had just gotten back from a run this morning, and Davis and Morgan were in the kitchen. I got a very enthusiastic, "MOMMY!!!" when I walked in, followed by a huge smile, and then, "I wuv you, Mommy." 

That just about makes up for the ceramic bowl he smashed the other day. On purpose. 

Also, I'm sure that all of that was made even sweeter with the knowledge that I will have a child-free, husband-free 48 hours this weekend. I'm only a TEENSY bit excited. 

Time alone will include a little of this:
Some reading (this book is SO good)

Maybe this:

And maybe even a little tax-free shopping. 

That's all for now!

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