Monday, August 22, 2011

Why so hot, Mila?

You all know my heart belongs to Gwyneth. But I kind of have a new #2 girl crush.Mila Kunis is just pure gorgeous. I'm pretty sure my husband adores her. And what breathing man wouldn't? She's that perfect combination of cute AND sexy. And I'm sure that crazy scene in Black Swan won her quite a few new fans.

Anyway, I especially think her makeup is always great for red carpet events. And since my life so often calls for red carpet makeup, I'm often looking for styles to emulate. Or not. But once in a while, I go out, so maybe I need to try new makeup applications. 

Her Golden Globes dress was perfection this year:

And, of course, she's pretty darn cute in casual attire with Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits (which I am dying to see). 

Her co-star is pretty fun to look at, too. 

Oh, and she rocks aviators like nobody's business:

So, yes, while I remain true to GP, I do like Mila's downtown chic. 

PS: When looking for images of Mila, I came across some of Leighton Meester, because apparently some people think they favor each other. I don't think they do, but that did remind me that Gossip Girl is bound to be starting back soon, and that brings me nothing but pure elation.


  1. She is attractive. I've not seen Black Swan, but heard about it, of course.

  2. Did you see the video or Mila and Justin T. at a press conference in Russia? A reporter asked Justin a question in Russian and before it couldn be translated, Mila went off on the guy in Russian... it was hysterical! I know absolutely nothing about her, but that video made me a fan!

  3. why does such a pretty girl dress like ugly ass angelina jolie? blech